Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A new reason to climb...

On the 7th August, I took a 3 hour start up climbing course at Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Arena (i.e Ratho) as a way to build strength, stamina and confidence in climbing and to help me toward my goals and also because I always wanted to do it. I had a great time and decided that I wanted to pursue it further and so I began to take baby steps towards achieving some routes.
Then on August 25th, my worst nightmare came true... my closest friend, my best friend, my rock, my mum, passed away and it would have been so easy to just give up but I promised her; in her last moments; that I would never give up on trying to achieve my dreams and that I would take her with me everywhere and I intend to do just that. Because as she told me once; not so long ago; she was proud of me for having the courage to follow my dreams and I was proud that she was my mum.

So Mum, I will continue to climb and chase my dreams because; just as I promised and just as e.e Cummings wrote

"I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart"